A Community making things happen!

Our 2013 residents’ survey told us what kind of things you wanted within our Community and as a result, we legally established the “Ochiltree Community Hub” Charity (No. SC045152) on 7th October 2014. This is so that we could, as a Community, put those ideas together and improve our village in a number of ways!

As a charity we are only as strong as our membership so why not sign up and become a member? We need as many local people as possible to help support this amazing project and show that you support our charitable aims. Membership forms and our constitution are available in our coffee shop and on our facebook page.

A recent census showed that there are at least 1500 residents within the local area that are eligible to join the Hub Charity as members and ideally we would like as many as possible to join in order for us to be truly representative. As members you have the right to vote and help shape our initiatives and projects here in Ochiltree and the local area.

If you have any ideas about what sort of initiatives and programmes we should be providing i.e. health and fitness, education, arts or indeed anything that you think would be of benefit to the local community then please get in touch and we will investigate the possibility.

It is our Community Hub and therefore 100% our responsibility to provide and support whatever we feel the community can benefit from and needs.

Our current forecast opening date for the new Hub building is Summer 2019.

Half Way Through

HALF WAY THERE! Watch the Video link for a tour of the build so far…


  • July 2019 Reopened following relaxation of Lockdown

    The Hub briefly reopened in August 2020 until late November 2020 when a local lockdown was enforced. A full national lockdown Closed the hub on the 24th of December until the 26th of April 2021

  • July 2019 Closed for Covid Lockdown

    23rd March 2020 the Hub closed in line with the national Lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic

  • July 2019 Official Opening

    The official opening date was 22nd July 2019

  • June 2019 Preview Weekend

    The preview weekend was on the 29th / 30th and was a great success with positive feedback.

  • June 2019 Building completion

    Building was completed by Ashleigh Construction.

  • July 2018 Things Starting to Happen

    Ashleigh busy getting site ready to start foundation work.

  • July 2018 Commencement Of Build

    Commencement of build of the Ochiltree Community Hub a major achievement in the Hub’s progress 16thJuly 2018.

  • June 2018 Ashleigh Appointed OCH Contractor

    Ashleigh (Scotland) Ltd appointed as the OCH contractor and the OCH became owners of the site at 45 Main Street Ochiltree.

  • May 2018 Preferred Contractor Status

    May Ashleigh (Scotland) Ltd given preferred contractor status.

  • April 2018 Tenders Returned

    Tenders returned.

  • March 2018 Capital Build Grant

    Awarded £352k towards capital build, this funding achieved confirms that the OCH have been awarded £1,830,978 in total, the budgeted cost to build the new facility in Ochiltree. Also in March, OCH Received Building Warrant Approval & tender issued on Public Contracts Scotland.

  • November 2017 Stage 3 & Minerals Trust Grant

    Interim Stage 3 cost plan review. Also in November, awarded £40k from Minerals Trust towards the capital build.

  • October 2017 Design and cost plan review

    Design and cost plan review.

  • September 2017 Design and cost plan review

    Design and cost plan review.

  • June 2017 What a Month

    Received Planning consent. Awarded £959k from Big Lottery, £900k towards capital build and £59k towards first three years staff costs. Awarded £170k from Robertson Trust towards capital build. What a month for the OCH, received planning consent, awarded over one million pounds towards the build.

  • April 2017 MOU with Princes Foundation ended

    MOU with Princes Foundation for Building Community ended, the trustees were disappointed to be losing this association which has moved the Hub forward towards their vision and would wish to thank the PFBC for the support, direction and commitment given.

  • March 2017 Leader Grant

    Awarded £200k from Leader towards capital build. Also in March, application for £959k from Big Lottery Community Assets.

  • February 2017 Design and Cost Plan Review

    Design and Cost Plan Review and community consultation.

  • January 2017 Engagement of Design Team

    Engagement of Design Team: Architect Anderson Bell Christie: Quantity Surveyor Brown and Wallace: Construction and ME Consultants Peter Brett Associates

  • November 2016 Scottish Land Fund Grant

    Awarded £35k from Scottish Land Fund to purchase the asset transfer site in Ochiltree and carry out survey work. The trustees are now feeling more confident about future funding bids as that is now four successful awards totalling £175k.

  • October 2016 Demolished

    The existing Community Centre and library were demolished.

  • May 2016 EB Scotland Grant

    Awarded £50k from EB Scotland towards fixtures and fitting.

  • April 2016 Ochiltree Donation & Minerals Trust Grant

    Ochiltree Community Association donated £9,450 to the Hub and was Awarded £50k from Minerals Trust towards the capital build.

  • March 2016 Comic Relief & OCH Refurb

    Comic Relief awarded £9k to refurb and pay for utilities in proposed OCH Office and Coffee Shop. Also in March, we seen the closure of the community centre and library in Ochiltree. The OCH then rented and refurbed the old post office and turned it into the Ochiltree Community Hub Office and Coffee Shop, one of the most important decisions made, many thanks to those that assisted in the refurb but especially Alan Ross and Willie Corson who gave much of their time and skills.

  • August 2015 PFBC facilitated

    PFBC facilitated an Ochiltree Community Planning Workshop which reviewed the build, business plan and facility uses.

  • July 2015 Signed MOU with Princes Foundation

    Signed an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) with the Princes Foundation for Building Community. The Ochiltree Community Hub was keen to involve the Prince’s Foundation as Client Advisor to provide facilitation and design guidance; to support them in terms of developing the project brief and designs to support their revised funding applications to both the Big Lottery Fund Ayrshire Leader Fund and other funders.

  • June 2015 Our First Award

    Awarded £40k from Minerals Trust towards the capital build, our first award. Also in June, Big Lottery confirmed that we were unsuccessful in our application, but suggested that we apply again in the future as our project had merit.

  • March 2015 Application to Big Lottery

    Apply to Big Lottery Growing Community Assets for £1m

  • November 2014 The New Building

    The “concept building” was designed by our Architects as a result of the feasibility study, based on residents needs and wants, and is very much “plan A” as far as any new building is concerned but it may not be the ultimate design. The OCH Committee may decide to vary the design as the project evolves if we encounter funding problems for example, or for other possible project reasons.

  • October 2014 Ochiltree Community Hub Born

    The OCFSG was disbanded as a new legal entity and charitable body had to be established in order to take the project forward and undertake the legal “Asset Transfer” of the land, so 5 members of the OCFSG then applied to OSCR for charitable status as a SCIO called “Ochiltree Community Hub” and on October 7th, “Ochiltree Community Hub” charity number SC 045152 was legally “born”!

  • June 2014 The “Go for it!” Public Meeting

    Following the survey results, a final public meeting was called on June 6th where the OCFSG would present their findings to the local community, and was effectively the go/don’t go getting for the whole project. A vote was taken at the meeting and it was devised that in the light of the huge support from the Community shown by the survey reports that the project was definitely an emphatic “Go!” Many people supported the work done so far and wanted to turn the Community’s “vision” of a fantastic facility for all ages within Ochiltree and the surrounding area in to a reality. The option of a brand new purpose-built “combined” building was decided as the most sustainable way forward.

  • May 2014 Survey Responses

    Several months later, over 300 Community Survey responses were collected and then complied into a comprehensive report produced by a volunteer helper which showed a near unanimous desire for Community facilities within the village along with wide range of facilities to support them such as fitness classes and other health initiatives, IT facilities, cinema, cafe and a shared social space for the Community to get together.

  • April 2014 Community Survey

    In order to ascertain what the Community wanted in terms of the facility, a survey was sent to every home in the Parish. During the consultation phase, the Community were always kept involved and informed with meetings and newsletters via our now regular bi-monthly “OCH-EYE” bulletin. A Q&A sheet was also sent out to each home in the Parish.

  • March 2014 Funding Support

    The Group worked with the Council, Architects, Surveyors, Designers and other Consultants in order to achieve what the Community thought was the most suitable and sustainable outcome for the Village. Help and support funding was given from East Ayrshire Council in the form of grants as well as soft support from their “Vibrant Communities” Team. As well as a very generous start up grant form the Coalfields Regeneration Trust.

  • February 2014 Getting Involved

    The Steering Group worked very hard, looking at a multitude of options for the Village Community Facilities from taking the facilities as they were, renovating them, building something new or indeed doing nothing at all if it was shown that it wasn’t sustainable or the Community wasn’t interested. At this time, some members also got involved with the running of the Community Centre via the Community Association in order to gain experience running a facility as well as organising events such as fun days, which were a great success.

  • June 2013 Steering Group Formed

    Following the meeting the “Ochiltree Community Facilties Steering Group” (OCFSG) was formed with the help of the local Volunteer Support office in East Ayrshire, the CVOEA, to start to investigate the viability of the Community running their own facilities. The steering group consisted of 12 members and existed solely to ascertain whether there was a desire and a feasibility for our village Community to run our own facilities under East Ayrshire Councils “Asset Transfer” program.

  • June 2013 Public Meeting

    Public meeting was held by concerned residents with a turn out of about 150 people.

  • May 2013 East Ayrshire Council Review

    East Ayrshire Council announced a review of their properties and services, and Ochiltree Community Centre and Library were earmarked as likely to close unless there was an interest to run them by Community Groups.